Yvonne has learnt through the school of hard knocks what it takes to create Life Changing Leadership both Personally and Professionally. As a Nationally recognized author and acclaimed speaker, Yvonne brings her passion for Creating Positive Energy™ and Self Leadership to every keynote, concurrent session and full leadership program.

Her powerful and inspiring message comes from an authentic and genuine place; fuelled by a series of life events that left her wanting to find a better way to engage people in aligning themselves first and foremost, while still serving the needs of their organizations. Her Masters Thesis work on Employee Engagement increased this interest exponentially. This, combined with Yvonne’s personal spiritual journey, compelled her to write the second book in the New World Leadership™ Series. Spiritually Aligned Leadership: Becoming SELF-Centered was published on November 18, 2014.

The topic of Spirituality combined with corporate leadership, is prickly for many people. It challenges our basic thinking about where we come from, what we have control over and can even challenge our long held beliefs about ourselves and our organizational lives. Leaders and employees alike are desperately searching for a process, system or idea that will spark their personal leadership journey towards empowerment, personal happiness and alignment that brings significant value to their professional life and their organization. Through Yvonne’s unique Tools of Intention™, she stretches the leader’s fundamental beliefs about what it means to Lead Self.

Why is Spiritually Aligned Leadership so unique? It is because those who have experienced it have described it as “life changing leadership” both personally and professionally. It has been a game changer for many people who thought they were simply attending another leadership course or session but quickly found themselves in the middle of a life changing experience.

During her sessions, Yvonne explores Spiritually Aligned Leadership, Love, Compassion, Heart-Centred Energy and Personal Alignment. She tackles topics of Honesty Before Kindness, Old Energy Organizations vs. New Energy Organizations and how navigating the roommate in our head is the starting place to becoming a leader others just want to follow.


Yvonne‘s first book, Leadership for a New World: The Organic Approach to Employee Engagement, is based on research, personal experience and 30 years of working in the Human Resources field with a wide range of clients across Canada.


The follow-up, Spiritually Aligned Leadership: Becoming SELF-Centered focuses on assisting individuals to become the best leaders of themselves.  Yvonne outlines personal alignment and overall wellness strategies that create joy, abundance and overall health. Yvonne has a Masters of Arts in Leadership from Royal Roads University and is an Insights Accredited practitioner who’s clients range from Utilities, Municipal and Federal Governments, Financial Sector, Manufacturing and Engineering and numerous Associations.  She has spoken at the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering, The Childcare Association, Petroleum Safety Conference, Vancouver Island Safety Conference and CGA, to name a few.

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